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Recurring Story Subjects


Herbie is a teenager who goes to school, thinks about love, and eats lollipops from the Unknown, which give him many superpowers. His dad wishes that Herbie would be more active, especially in sports, but Herbie prefers to relax. Herbie's not lazy, especially when he is helping the family recover from Dad's business ideas, or saving the world from villains

Any of these subjects could fit into another category, especially gags. and many subjects that could be listed here are elsewhere. For example, several stories are about lollipops, but lollipops are categorized as a power because they give Herbie superpowers. Similarly, lollibopping is categorized as speech because it is the basis for Herbie's catchphrase rhetorical question 'You want I should bop you with this here lollipop?', but it could have been categorized as a power, like punching or as a gag, like squishing.

Index terms: plot, topic, story, subject, Richard E. Hughes, Ogden Whitney

1. Dad's Ideas

Herbie's dad, Pincus Popnecker, is a failed businessman with one terrible business idea after another. When Dad gets into trouble with his idea, he is bailed out by Herbie, makes a pile of money, and thinks that he is a business genius.
Created: 2004-10-15   Updated: 2012-05-16
Stories: 11   Examples: 24

2. The Unknown

The Unknown is a mysterious world with ghosts, witches, spirits, and monsters in outer space, above the clouds on which it rests. Some of Herbie's lollipops come from the Unknown, and Herbie goes there to learn magic.
Created: 2005-03-09   Updated: 2012-05-15
Stories: 11   Examples: 18

3. Love

Herbie is a great lover, or so think all the women who swoon for him, and ask for a kiss, but that is just a running gag.
Created: 2011-12-31   Updated: 2012-05-16
Stories: 7   Examples: 19

4. Sports

Herbie's dad wishes that Herbie would be an athlete instead of a little fat nothing.
Created: 2011-12-31   Updated: 2012-04-10
Stories: 19   Examples: 27

5. School

Herbie values education and attends school, but he is not a good student, in part because he is so unconventional. Other students make fun of Herbie, but he does not feel bullied by them. Herbie has a lot of empathy for his teachers, and helps them out.
Created: 2012-03-25   Updated: 2012-05-07
Stories: 10   Examples: 26

6. Patriotism

There are several stories in which Herbie fights for truth, justice, and the American way, often at the urging of high-level government officials, usually from the White House. Both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson ask Herbie for help, as does UN Secretary General U Thant. Herbie is that well-known.
Created: 2012-05-13   Updated: 2012-05-18
Stories: 13   Examples: 14

7. Villains/Adversaries

Herbie faced many adversaries, including some evil villains who stole lollipops. Almost all had silly names, just like other names.
Created: 2005-10-02   Updated: 2012-04-10
Stories: 35   Examples: 46